Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

If you are over fifty, you may have had your ophthalmologist mention cataracts to you. This eye problem is most prevalent in those over fifty, although there are some cases of earlier cataracts. At Texas Eye Surgeons, we find that this is the most common disorder in both our Plano and Greenville offices. The good news is that cataract surgery has become so commonplace that it has become easy to perform and healing time is short. Many people even give up glasses after the eye surgeon has finished. Let's take a look at what your doctor will need to do to prepare you for cataract surgery and its aftermath.

Eye Exams

What is Cataracts

As we age, the lens of our eyes get older and become cloudy. What used to be crisp edges and bright colors become dull. This cloudiness is referred to as cataract and is one of the most common eye problems experienced by people over the age of fifty. Your doctor will examine your eyes and can see this cloudiness. It is something that grows slowly. When it reaches a certain point, he will suggest surgery to replace the lens.

Surgical Procedure

Cataract surgery is done as a same-day procedure. Stay overnight at the hospital is not required the procedure can be done in the after back home that evening. When you arrive, you will be given a series of eye drops to help dilate your pupils and numb your eyes. Next, you will be put to sleep so you don't move during the procedure. The eye surgeon will remove the old lens of your eye and will replace it with a new, clear lens. patching your eye for the healing process will need to have someone drive you home.


The day after your surgery will include a visit to the office. The patch will be removed from your eye and given a vision test, testing your new vision, and improved sight. For the next month, you will need to use eye drops several times during the day and is suggested to wear a protective patch while sleeping. Many will not need glasses again but if you do need them, especially for reading, you will get your prescription in about four weeks. This is when your eye will be considered completely healed.

Seeing Clearly

Many people express the wish of getting cataract surgery sooner than they did, because of how well their vision improves after the procedure. If you are seeking an ophthalmologist in the Plano or Greenville area, contact Texas Eye Surgeons and set up an appointment. We can examine your cloudy vision and determine if cataract surgery is right for you. Our eye surgeon has years of experience and will have you seeing clearly in little or no time. Contact us today.

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