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You Do Not Need to Travel Outside of Plano, Texas for Excellent Medical and Surgical Treatment From a Respected Ophthalmologist

If you suffer from an eye condition or disease in Plano, Texas, and you need the expertise of a skilled and caring ophthalmologist, our doctor can help you. Whether you want to try a course of medical efforts, or you are ready for a surgical solution to move you toward a path to recovery, we look forward to helping you in your journey.

Eye Disease and Condition Services Available

It is always helpful to have an idea as to whether a medical and surgical provider can offer you the services you need before making the first telephone call. Browse the list of services our eye doctor provides:

  • Cataract Services. Patients suffering from this "cloudy-eyed" condition probably feel frustrated at the increasing vision problems associated with this condition. Our doctor can help treat this condition through medical means, including prescribing premium lenses, depending on your needs. If your condition requires surgical attention, we offer two treatments. Our Secondary IOL (Interocular Lens) treatment involves cataract lens replacement, and the Yag Capsulotomy treatment entails leaving the rear membrane of the natural lens in place to support an inserted artificial lens implant. 
  • Comprehensive Opthalmology. Even if you do not suffer from any serious eye conditions, you need to visit your medical professional annually for examinations to help prevent and detect various conditions and diseases of the eyes before you suffer any lasting damages.
  • Cornea Services. Accounting for two-thirds ofthe eye's optical power, the cornea is basically the cornerstone of your vision. While the cornea is teeming with elaborate and organized proteins and cells. this transparent layer over the front of your eyes is also vulnerable since it lacks blood vessels for protection against infections. Treatments that we offer for cornea conditions and diseases — and conditions such as astigmatism, pterygium and others related to the cornea —include a partial corneal transplant, Intacs for Kerato-Ecstasia, astigmatic keratotomy, pterygium excision and treatments for dry eyes syndrome. 
  • Glaucoma Services. Glaucoma damages the optic nerve when fluid builds in the front of the eyes and becomes too much for your eyes to handle. Our doctor treats several types of glaucoma, including open-angle, narrow-tension, normal-angle and secondary. We first try to treat the various glaucoma types with a medical prescription eye drops; however, we also frequently use laser iridotomy for patients with closed-angle glaucoma, which helps create a larger canal for fluid to flow into the drainage angle.
  • Lasik Surgery. Lasik surgery has become the most common elective vision surgery in the United States over the past decade, offering vision patients freedom from glasses, lenses and any other corrective eyewear. Using two state-of-the-art lasers, we can help to gently reshape your cornea to repair your nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

At  Texas Eye Surgeons, our commitment to our patients is implemented by respecting and honoring the individual needs of each patient, their quality of life, and their desires. With those principles in practice, we are here to help you with any of the above-referenced opthalmological conditions and diseases, as well any thing we have not specifically listed. We hope you reach out to us so Dr. Ali and our dedicated vision team can help you prevent or treat any diseases or conditions that could compromise your vision.

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