Corneal Scratches FAQs

Corneal Scratches FAQs

Corneal scratches, aka corneal abrasions, are scratches that occur on the cornea of your eye. They can be caused by your fingernail as you rub your eyes or a makeup brush or even tree limbs that accidentally swipe too close to your eyes. Corneal scratches can cause pain and discomfort and impair your vision. These FAQs from Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano and Greenville can explain more about corneal scratches and how to treat them.

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How do I know I have corneal scratches?

If your eye becomes red, watery and painful for no apparent reason, you may have scratched the cornea of your eye. Corneal scratches can cause blurred vision and sensitivity to light. After an examination, your ophthalmologist can diagnose this condition.

Why are corneal scratches painful?

The cornea of your eye contains numerous nerve cells, some of which are pain receptors that inform you, through pain, that something is wrong with your eye. This pain will prompt you to get an eye checkup to verify your condition.

What can be done to treat corneal abrasions?

Your eye surgeon will perform a thorough eye exam to determine the cause and severity of your condition. For minor abrasions, we may recommend moisturizing drops to alleviate discomfort until your eye heals. For more serious abrasions, we may prescribe antibiotic drops to prevent infection and recommend that you wear an eye patch to protect your eye from further injury. Small abrasions usually heal within a day or two. Larger abrasions may take up to a week.

Can a corneal abrasion permanently impair my sight?

Most corneal scratches heal within a few days without causing permanent damage to your eye or vision. If your pain persists, however, contact your ophthalmologist to re-evaluate your condition.

Is it really necessary to see an eye surgeon for a scratched eye?

Chances are you’ll find your abrasion too painful to ignore and will want to have an eye doctor to diagnose your condition. You may not know you have a scratch on your eye until you get an exam.

How can I protect my eyes from corneal abrasions?

Wear protective goggles when doing activities that are hazardous to your eyes such as trimming bushes, cutting wood, or playing sports. Clip your children’s fingernails often to keep them from accidentally scratching their eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Be careful when using makeup brushes close to your eyes.

Are you experiencing these symptoms?

If you are from the Plano or Greenville area and need an ophthalmologist to diagnose and treat corneal abrasions, please call Texas Eye Surgeons at (972) 379-3937 today.

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