Implantable Contact Lenses FAQs

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Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL) work similarly to an external removable lens. But the ICL is put inside the eye behind the iris and in front of the eye's lens for vision improvement.

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FAQs About Implantable Contact Lenses:

  • Who Qualifies for Implantable Contact Lenses? To have an ICL surgery you need to be in basically good health. And if you have had vision correction surgery in the past, your vision should have been exactly the same prescription for a year prior to and ICL implantation.

  • How Invasive Is The Eye Surgery? It is considered a relatively non-invasive procedure because the micro-incision needed is so small that patients report not being able to even feel it afterward. Topical anesthetic drops are placed in the eye and a small amount of pressure may be felt. The whole procedure should take under 15 minutes, with no pain medications needed afterward.

  • How Long Is Recovery Time? There is no official set needed recovery time for the ICL procedure. This is why both eyes can be done at the same appointment. Some patients even report and instant improvement in their vision right there in the operating room! If you are sensitive to the numbing eye drops then your recovery time will be based on the time it takes for them to wear off.

  • How Long do Implantable Contact Lenses Last? These lenses can last the patient's lifetime unless cataracts are naturally developed as they age. The treatment of cataracts may affect the lens. Otherwise, the procedure is permanent.

  • Will I be Able to Feel Them? Not at all. You can compare the lenses to a dental implant or tooth filling, you should not even notice it after the procedure except to observe that your sight has improved and you may no longer need glasses. You will not be able to see or feel them.

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