Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable Contact Lenses -Corrective Vision Surgery Without LASIK

Implantable contact lenses are a great choice for anyone who suffers from myopia (nearsightedness) but cannot or does not want laser eye surgery. Plano family ophthalmologist Dr. Ali, surgical eye doctor of at Texas Eye Surgeons, can help you decide if ICL surgery is right for you.

implantable contact lenses

How ICLs Work

With implantable lens surgery, a removable lens is implanted in your eye. This lens works in conjunction with your own natural lens to correct nearsightedness. Since it is made from collagen, one of the body's natural materials, there is no danger of the lens being rejected by your body.

A qualified surgical eye doctor can easily remove and replace lenses for any reason--such as if your prescription changes. Implantable collamer (collagen polymer) lenses were approved by the FDA in 2005. They are commonly used all across the United States.

Benefits of ICL

Implantable lenses

  • Great solution for dry eyes. Implantable lenses are made out of natural materials and do not bend or cover the cornea. They can be an excellent solution for nearsighted patients whose dry eye problems prevent them from comfortably wearing contacts.

  • Implantable contact lenses are all-natural. Implantable lenses are made out of collagen, which the body naturally produces. The surgery does not reshape or otherwise modify your cornea or any other part of your eye.

  • ICLs are removable. Any qualified surgical eye doctor can remove them if your prescription changes, or if you simply do not want the implanted lenses any longer.

  • ICL surgery is quick and easy--Total surgical time is typically 15 minutes per eye, and patients undergo little to no discomfort.

Is Implantable Contact Lens Therapy Right for Me?

You might be a good candidate for implantable lens surgery if:

  • You are moderately or severely (-3.00 to -15.00) nearsighted.

  • Cannot or do not wish to undergo laser eye surgery (LASIK and similar ophthalmology procedures).

  • Your prescription has not changed more than 0.5 in the last year.

  • You want the benefits of contacts without the hassle--including dry eye syndrome.

How to Get Started with Implantable Lenses

Dr. Ali, head of ophthalmology at Texas Eye Surgeons, can help you decide if implantable contact lenses are right for you. To set up a consultation, give us a call at (972) 379-3937, or stop by our office at 4108 W 15th St #200, Plano, TX 75093.

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