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Kamra Inlay in Plano

Ophthalmologist in Plano, Texas Offers KAMRA Inlay for Vision Restoration

The KAMRA Presbyopia inlay is intended to improve your vision enough so you may not have to wear reading glasses or other types of corrective lenses. Good candidates for the KAMRA inlay procedure are those with normal distance vision but who need to wear reading glasses with a power no higher than +2.50. If you are near-sighted, you may still qualify for KAMRA inlay by having PRK or LASIK preparatory surgery that can bring their vision parameters into KAMRA inlay range. Additionally, people with previous histories of cataract or LASIK surgery and an intraocular lens implantation may also opt for a KAMRA inlay procedure to improve vision. Your Plano, Texas ophthalmologist will discuss your eligibility for KAMRA during a consultation appointment.

What is the KAMRA Inlay?

Thinner and smaller than a traditional contact lens, a KAMRA inlay has a pinhole-sized opening at the center that permits focused light into your eye. Situated on the cornea of your eye, KAMRA is placed in one eye only to support both distance and up-close vision in both eyes.

Composed of polyvinylidene fluoride and other biocompatible materials used to make medical and eye implant devices, the KAMRA inlay will not move once placed in your eye because it naturally adheres to corneal tissues. Additionally, KAMRA "lenses" have over 8000 laser-etched inlay openings to maximize corneal health and breathability.

For over a decade, KAMRA inlay procedures performed at thousands of ophthalmology facilities have been proven to be an effective, safe method of reducing or eliminating a person's need to wear reading glasses.  If, for some reason, a KAMRA inlay patient is unsatisfied with the device, they can have it removed without difficulty.

How is a KAMRA Inlay Procedure Performed?

Eye surgeons in Plano, Texas can place a KAMRA inlay in one eye in less than 30 minutes. To ensure patient comfort, your ophthalmologist will use numbing eye drops before beginning the procedure. As your doctor creates a tiny opening in your cornea using a laser, you may feel minor pressure on your eye. After the inlay is slipped into the opening and numbness diminishes, your eye may tear excessively and feel irritated. These are normal but temporary side effects to be expected.

KAMRA Inlay Post-Procedure Instructions

KAMRA patients will not be able to drive home from our ophthalmology office. Your doctor will monitor healing of the corneal opening and tell you when it is safe for you to drive. Most people report vision improvement within seven to 30 days of having a KAMRA inlay procedure. You should be able to resume your normal activities in one to two days following treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about the KAMRA inlay, please call Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, Texas today at 972-379-3937.