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Medical and Surgical Eye Services from Our Plano, TX Ophthalmologist

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If you're suffering from any kind of eye damage, disease or disorder, you're understandably concerned about the future of your eye health and vision. That's why we want to reassure you that here at Texas Eye Surgeons, our Plano, TX ophthalmologist, Dr. Ali, can provide a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services to help you preserve optimal eyesight for years to come.

Our services include:

Comprehensive Ophthalmology Services: Our array of ophthalmology services includes comprehensive exams to evaluate the health and function of your eyes. We use these evaluations to detect any signs of refractive errors, glaucoma, cataracts, corneal disorders, retinal diseases, tumors or infections. We can also look into any symptoms you're experiencing (headaches, blurred vision, red and painful eyes, etc.), determine the cause and prescribe treatment.

Cataract Removal: Modern cataract surgery is an outpatient procedure that takes only minutes and causes no pain. The diseased lens is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). If you're one of the few patients who experiences postoperative cloudiness of vision, we can perform a laser procedure called a Yag capsulotomy to restore optimal clarity.

Glaucoma Treatment: The excess fluid within the eye that damages the optic nerve in glaucoma is typically the result of improper fluid drainage through the ducts in the iris and other parts of the eye. We can prescribe medicated eye drops that cause the eye to produce less fluid and/or shunt the fluid through its ducts more efficiently. We may also perform a surgical procedure called laser iridotomy to create an extra drainage point in the iris.

Treatments for Corneal Problems: We can provide treatments to correct chronically dry eyes (a threat to your corneal health). Keratotomy, astigmatism surgery or the installation of Intact implants can alter the shape of corneas with severe refractive disorders. Severe corneal problems can be treated with corneal transplants that replace some or all of the damaged/diseased cornea.

General Eye Surgery: A significant traumatic injury to the eye such as a detached retina may require surgery. Tumors and other lesions can develop in the eye, and these may require surgical treatment as well. Our prompt, skilled care may make all the difference in saving the afflicted eye's vision.

Refractive Error Correction: If you're looking for long-lasting correction of refractive errors such as nearsightedness without relying on glasses or contacts, you may be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Even if your eyes can't tolerate LASIK, we can still correct refractive errors through alternatives such as PRK surgery or implantable collamer lenses (ICLs).

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