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“ Thank you for your excellent services ”

Sameeh Z.

" Dr. Ali reversed an IOL replacement due to cataracts that were done by another facility three years before. I had chosen multifocal lenses which did not work well due to the way my eyes refracted light. I had been dealing with huge starbursts from oncoming headlights that left me no alternative except to stop driving at night altogether. At only 56 years old this was very difficult to accept. The original facility never admitted to me that the multifocal IOL was not a good choice for me. They kept treating me for dry eye and led me to believe it was my own doing due to failure to keep my eyes moist. They offered removal and basic IOL replacement as the only solution. It was an over-commercialized eye surgery center and I only met the surgeon the morning of the procedure. I was very afraid to have them removed and sought out a second opinion. After meeting Dr. Ali and experiencing his confidence in his own abilities and his genuine down to earth bedside manner, he made me feel confident. Even though it was a difficult surgery it was a success. To everyone reading this please do your homework when choosing a replacement IOL. Also after reading the negative reviews about wait times, I do understand. However, Dr. Ali does not rush through his appointments and I appreciated the amount of time he took to listen to me and explain every detail. He answered every question no matter what it was. Dr. Ali and your precious eyes are WELL WORTH THE WAIT! "


“ You will not find a better eye doctor. ”

Teri W.

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