Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Comprehensive Ophthalmology


Many people don’t get their eyes examined regularly unless they are experiencing obvious problems. Many eye diseases, however, have few or no warning signs until they’ve taken away some or all of your vision—at which point it may be too late. Diagnosing eye disease as early as possible gives you the best chance of saving your sight.

Top reasons to have an annual eye exam are:

To uncover hidden disease

Experts suggest that regular eye exams can aid in the early detection of diseases such as high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, strokes, kidney problems, brain tumors, and other general health conditions.

To detect and prevent eye disease

Early detection is the key to your healthy vision. Because many serious eye diseases have no symptoms, regular eye exams allow your doctor to monitor your vision and help prevent possible blindness. Once your vision is lost, it cannot always be restored.

To preserve your healthy vision

Checking your prescription on a regular basis ensures you are seeing as clearly as possible. Your eyesight affects everything you do, including driving, working, studying, playing sports and more. Maintaining proper eyesight enhances your quality of life.

To maintain your general well-being

If you suffer from frequent headaches or fatigue, the solution could be as simple as changing your prescription or the design of your eyewear. For example, if you work on a computer and have trouble focusing, or if you have burning, tired or sensitive eyes, you may have computer vision syndrome (CVS), which can be treated with specially-designed eyeglasses.

Your healthy vision is invaluable…and we’re here to help! New patients are always welcome. Just call our office to schedule an appointment. (972) 379-3937

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