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For individuals suffering from vision correction issues in Plano and Dallas, Texas, the Texas Eye Surgeons offer a viable solution. KAMRA inlay is a form of long term vision correction that allows you to forgo your reading glasses and contacts. Under the expert eye of your Plano ophthalmology doctor, you can benefit from KAMRA if you meet certain conditions. Learn more about the requirements and benefits of choosing this form of eye surgery. 

KAMRA FAQs from Texas Eye Surgeons

What is KAMRA?

KAMRA inlay is a form of vision correction that can benefit you if you suffer from certain vision issues. The procedure itself involves an inlay that is affixed to the cornea. The inlay looks like a tiny ring, and it is smaller in both diameter and thickness than a contact lens. The hole in the center of the inlay acts to focus light that enters your eye. As a result, you are able to see clearly without the use of contact lenses, eyeglasses, or bifocals. This can make it easier to see a computer screen, text messages, printed text, or other everyday activities. 

What is the KAMRA Inlay Used to Treat?

While the KAMRA inlay is a form of vision correction that is effective for the long term, it is only useful for certain vision issues. If you have been diagnosed with presbyopia or farsightedness, then you may be eligible for treatment. Additionally, those with blurry near vision can see visible improvements with KAMRA treatments. The primary patients we typically treat using KAMRA are those who are suffering from vision loss due to late stage presbyopia. As vision loss naturally occurs with aging, those individuals over 50 are more likely to benefit from this procedure. 

What are the Benefits of KAMRA?

When you complete KAMRA vision correction surgery you will be able to see over your natural range of vision. No more wearing bifocals or corrective lenses thanks to the extended benefits of KAMRA. On average patients who underwent KAMRA were able to improve their visual acuities on a notable scale. If you want to escalate the benefits of the treatment, make sure to follow the eye surgeon’s directions for post-operative care. Take your prescription eye drops as required, and do not use reading glasses or bifocals during the recovery period. 

How Do I Get Started With KAMRA Eye Surgery in Dallas, TX?

If you think that KAMRA is an ideal solution for you, it is time to see an eye surgery expert in Dallas, TX. The first step in the process is to get a comprehensive eye exam to determine if you qualify for this procedure. You will also want to discuss any alternatives, as well as the benefits and complications, with your eye doctor before you proceed with surgery. 

Meet Your Dallas Ophthalmology Provider

As a leading Dallas ophthalmology provider, the Texas Eye Surgeons specialize in treating eye diseases. Under the leadership of Dr. Ali, we offer KAMRA inlay, as well as LASIK laser eye surgery. To find out if you qualify for KAMRA vision correction contact our office at 972-379-3937 to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Ali. We look forward to meeting you and discussing the possibility of correcting your presbyopia using the KAMRA inlay.