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Ophthalmology FAQs

If you are suffering from cornea and external disease, or you need neuro-ophthalmology, Texas Eye Surgeons is the answer. Our professional services include state-of-the-art technology to get to the bottom of your eye and vision needs. We offer ophthalmic pathology to determine what is going on, properly assess vitreoretinal diseases, and provide ophthalmic plastic surgery services for those who require it.

No matter what is going on with your vision, Texas Eye Surgeons can help.

Our Plano Ophthalmologist

Dr. Ali is our expert ophthalmologist, who graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Ali earned his doctorate from the University of Minnesota. After completing two years of general practice in medical-and-surgical ophthalmology, Dr. Ali furthered his education with additional training in external disease, refractive surgery, cornea and anterior segment with Dr. Frank Price.

When you need an eye specialist that is highly respected in the field, Dr. Ali at Texas Eye Surgeons is ready to meet you.

Services Offered by our Plano Ophthalmologist

Solid vision care is vital to the overall health of your vision. If you have glaucoma or cataracts, early diagnosis can make a big difference. Whether you or a loved one is struggling to see, it's time to visit Dr. Ali at Texas Eye Surgeons to assess what is going on. Cornea and external disease can be an issue when it comes to eye health. With proper diagnosis and treatment, your vision will be optimal.

Glaucoma can damage your optic nerve, and you will lose your vision if it isn't treated. When you don't want glaucoma to ruin your vision, it's time to see an eye doctor who can help.

If you want to lose your dependence on corrective lenses, we also offer Lasik surgery to reshape your cornea and allow you to see more clearly without glasses.

Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano for Professional Eye Care

Texas Eye Surgeons is ready to meet all of your vision needs. We are committed to providing high-quality care to every patient we serve. We are always looking at the most advanced treatments available, as we believe innovation is the key to long-term vision health. Call us today at 972-379-3937 to schedule your appointment to have your vision assessed. Check out our website and fill out the contact form if you prefer.

No matter what is going on with your vision, we can help

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