Corneal Transplant Surgery for Plano and the Surrounding Areas

Just as you wouldn’t expect to see clearly through a damaged window, you may experience diminished vision and other problems due to damage to your eyes’ “windows,” those transparent tissues known as the corneas. If your eyesight is failing due to an unmanageable corneal issue, transplantation of some or all of the affected cornea may resolve your problem. Our eye doctor at Texas Eye Surgeons, Dr. Ali, is more than happy to perform corneal transplant surgery for residents of Plano and the surrounding areas.

When Is Corneal Transplantation Necessary?

Many eye conditions can resolve themselves without surgery under the care of our eye doctor. Unfortunately, the cornea is a delicate structure, prone to scarring and other forms of damage that can cloud vision and cause discomfort. Acute injuries, chronic dry eye, recurring infections, and complications from previous eye surgeries can all make the cornea less than ideally transparent. Other issues that may call for corneal transplant surgery include keratoconus, a bulging of the cornea that causes blurry vision, most likely caused by thin or weak corneal tissue, and Fuchs’ dystrophy, a problem afflicting the inner layer of the cornea, or endothelium. Any of these conditions can reduce your eyesight to the point that only a corneal transplant can restore your quality of life.

Corneal Surgery Options from Our Ophthalmologist

Corneal transplantation is a well-understood, time-tested kind of surgery that has restored vision to over 1 million people since 1961. Modern laser surgery has made corneal transplantation easier and more precise than ever. Our ophthalmologist will first evaluate your condition to see whether surgery is the only good choice for improving your eyesight. You may require one of two basic types of corneal transplant:

  • Penetrating Keratoplasty (PK) – This procedure, also called a full-thickness corneal transplant, our eye surgeon replaces the entire cornea with a healthy, clear cornea from a donor. This is the preferred procedure for corneas that are damaged throughout most of their area or layers.
  • Endothelial Keratoplasty (EK) – In this procedure, our ophthalmologist replaces only the inner endothelial tissue. This less-invasive surgery makes sense for corneas that have only sustained damage to this tissue layer.

Recovery times can take up to a year, and your vision may temporarily get worse before it gets better. But you’ll find that the wait was worth it once you’re seeing clearly again.

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