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Pink eye is a common ailment that can affect anyone. Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, occurs when the conjunctiva of the eye becomes red and swells up. This is an irritation of the lining of the eye and can indicate that there is a viral or bacterial infection. Pink eye can also occur because of dry eyes, allergies, or exposure to chemical irritants.

Your Ophthalmologist in Plano TX Suggestions for Pink Eye

Pink eye caused by either a virus or bacteria can spread quickly. The key to successful treatment for pink eye is to prevent the spread of pink eye. Wash your hands carefully, and don’t share items such as towels or washcloths with anyone who has pink eye. Your eye doctor may suggest drops to help clear up the infection and ask you to carefully wash your hands frequently.

Understanding Viral Pink Eye

The adenovirus is the virus that commonly causes viral pink eye. You may find that you have a sore throat or a cough, in addition to pink eye. If your eyes feel swollen, itchy, or the whites of your eyes are red, you probably have pink eye. Pink eye can also produce a white colored mucous around the eyes and excessive tearing. If you have symptoms for more than a few days and your eyes aren’t getting any better, it’s time to visit with your ophthalmologist in Plano TX. Your condition can get worse if you have an impaired immune system, or you wear contact lenses.

Bacterial Pink Eye

Common bacteria that can cause pink eye include cat-scratch disease, staph infection, gonorrhea, or Hib. The bacterial pink eye may cause yellow drainage that makes your eyelids almost stick together. You may experience mild pain or swelling of the eyelids. Antibiotic treatment is available for individuals suffering from bacterial pink eye, and once the person has been on antibiotics for 24 hours, the pink eye is generally not contagious.

Pink eye can come on quickly, causing red, swollen, or itchy eyes. Rubbing your eyes is only going to make the problem worse. With careful handwashing, you should be able to top the spread of pink eye from one eye to another. If your pink eye won’t go away after several days, you need medical treatment to ensure you are getting the right help for your pink eye.

Pink Eye Treatment is Available with Our Ophthalmologist in Plano, TX

If you are showing signs of pink eye, it’s time to call your ophthalmologist in Plano TX, Texas Eye Surgeons at (972) 379-3937. We will provide you with a comprehensive eye exam and provide you with the treatment you need to cure your pink eye.

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Pink Eye Is No Fun, No Matter What form It Takes

Conjunctivitis, also called pink eye, is known for its annoying, itchy, and painful nature, but it’s really a group of eye disorders that can range from mild (and easy to handle) to severe (and not so easy to handle). The treatment for pink eye depends on the cause, and it’s best to have the condition diagnosed quickly. Visit Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano where you can see our doctors for a diagnosis.

Pink eye refers to a reddening or irritation of the eye and lids, along with the tear ducts.

Pink eye symptoms include watering or the appearance of discharge along with the reddening or irritation of the lid. There may be stringy or green discharge, and you may experience itching. It can occur in one or both eyes.

The condition can be caused by allergies, bacterial and viral infections, tear duct blockages, dry eye, and even computer-caused eyestrain.

To treat the condition, you have to treat the cause. For example, the bacterial pink eye requires antibiotics and good hygiene to treat. The viral pink eye requires time for your body to heal. For allergic conjunctivitis, allergy medicine and possibly eye drops are used to mediate the condition.

Pink eye due to dry eye and eye fatigue is frustrating to deal with. Although they are not contagious, they do not normally result in excessive discharge like bacterial or viral conjunctivitis. Managing the symptoms with rest and artificial tears are the primary ways to deal with this kind of pink eye. Getting computer glasses can help with fatigue-based conjunctivitis.

If You Can’t Identify the Cause, See an Ophthalmologist Now

Sometimes the cause of the pink eye is easy to pinpoint, such as when you experience the irritation only after staring at the computer for a long time. However, if you can’t figure out what caused it, or you have excessive discharge or redness, call Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano and surrounding areas at (972) 379-3937. Whether you’ve got pink eye, need a vision exam, or need to see a surgical eye doctor, we can help.

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