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  • Glaucoma
    Early Signs of Glaucoma With Our Plano, TX Ophthalmologist Glaucoma is one of the main reasons people lose their sight. There are two main types of glaucoma, Open-angle and Angle-closure glaucoma. Read more
  • Diabetic Retinopathy FAQs
    Our Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, TX Answer Diabetic Retinopathy FAQs At Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, TX, we can help treat diabetes eye problems through a variety of options. Diabetic Read more
  • Comprehensive Eye Care
    Comprehensive Eye Care Services from Your Eye Doctor in Plano To best protect the health of your eyes and preserve your vision, you must have regular comprehensive eye care services performed Read more
  • Cataracts Diagnosis & Treatment
    We Can Help Relieve You of Cataracts Those with cataracts know how this condition can interfere with a person’s daily activities and diminish their quality of life. We at Texas Eye Surgeons, located Read more
  • June is Fireworks Safety Month
    June Is Fireworks Safety Month with our Eye Doctors in Plano The month of June observed as Fireworks Safety Month, in preparations for 4th of July celebrations across the country. During Read more
  • May is Healthy Vision Month!
    Texas Eye Surgeons Celebrates Healthy Vision Month! It is important to maintain regular visits to your eye doctor and May has been dedicated to highlighting the need for proactive vision care. Read more
  • Signs You May Have Cataracts
    Cataracts Treatment with our Plano Ophthalmologist Cataracts and keratoconus are two eye diseases linked to age that affect millions of Americans each year. More than 22 million Americans age 40 and older have Read more
  • Treatment for all Types of Eye Diseases
    Types of Eye Diseases Treated with our Plano Ophthalmologist  At Texas Eye Surgeons, we specialize in tailoring advanced treatment plans to our patients' needs. Cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema and Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Schedule Timely Eye Exams
    3 Reasons to Schedule Timely Eye Exams with Your Ophthalmologist in Plano TX To keep your eye health in check, you should head in to see your ophthalmologist in Plano TX Read more
  • Why Get Lasik Eye Surgery
    Reasons to Get LASIK Eye Surgery from Our Ophthalmologist in Plano, TX Here at Texas Eye Surgeons, our ophthalmologist in Plano TX specializes in treating eye diseases and conditions that may require surgical Read more
  • Benefits of LASIK Eye Correction
    Benefits of LASIK Eye Correction in Plano LASIK (Laser in Situ Keratomileusis) is a minimally invasive, laser-based procedure involving reshaping of the cornea to correct refractive errors like nearsightedness and farsightedness. At our Plano ophthalmology clinic, Read more
  • A Plano Eye Surgeon Differentiates PRK vs. LASIK Eye Surgery
    A Plano Eye Surgeon Differentiates PRK vs. LASIK At Texas Eye Surgeons, serving Plano Texas and the surrounding area, we conduct both PRK and LASIK. We understand thoroughly the benefits and Read more
  • PRK Benefits
    Texas Eye Surgeons Reveal PRK Benefits If you need contacts or glasses, you're faced with the daily nuisance of wearing corrective eyewear that may be uncomfortable and possibly unpleasant. However, if Read more
  • Eye Trauma
    Eye Trauma If you or a loved one experience an eye health emergency, it's important to seek professional help from an eye doctor as soon as possible. Not only is this the Read more
  • Dry Eyes
    Dry Eye Treatment From Our Texas Ophthalmology Team Here at Texas Eye Surgeons, our Texas ophthalmology team offers a wide range of eye and vision care services. From routine eye exams Read more
  • Contact Lens Related Problems
    How a Plano TX Ophthalmologist Treats Contact-Related Problems Some people prefer contacts because they don't have to worry about breaking them as easily. It's also cheaper to replace a pair of Read more