What is laser vision correction

Laser vision correction is the name for the set of eye treatments
that uses a laser to reshape your cornea in order to create vision
in focus. There are three major laser vision correction treatments
available today:

Small incision lenticule extraction

SMILE supports the latest developments in laser vision correction for myopia (nearsightedness) with or without astigmatism, providing excellent visual outcomes in a minimally invasive procedure. In this procedure, the femtosecond laser is used to create a lenticule – a thin, contact lens-shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye and then a small opening through which that layer is removed, correcting your vision.

  • Minimally invasive
  • Short recovery time
  • Excellent vision results
  • Gentle, comfortable patient experience
  • Minimized surgical and dry eye risk

Your treatment options

Every laser vision correction treatment uses a different method to create better vision. Each one also has a different impact on the eye, including possible dry eye symptoms, recovery time, structural integrity and risks of infection or inflammation. Seeing how each treatment works can help you understand the benefits and risks of each option.

Because SMILE does not involve removing the surface of the cornea or creating a flap, discomfort and dry eye symptoms may be reduced compared to LASIK and PRK.

comparison between LASIK SMILE PRK

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