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  • Flex Spending
    Using Flex Spending for Vision Care Many Texans have health coverage from their employers that provides a flexible spending account. The professional staff at Texas Eye Surgeons of Plano can help Read more
  • Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month
    Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month November is considered the Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month. That's why we, at Texas Eye Surgeons, want to tell you about a disease that can affect Read more
  • Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist
    Ophthalmologist vs Optometrist Here at Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, TX we get many questions every day. One of the most often asked questions is what the difference is between an Read more
  • Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
    Texas Eye Surgeons: Children's Eye Health and Safety Month As the kids start to go back to school, it is time once again to focus on the health and safety of Read more
  • UV Safety Month
    The Importance Of Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays At Texas Eye Surgeons, serving Plano and Greenville, we would like to discuss the importance of UV safety. Did you know that Read more
  • Itchy Eyes
    Allergies or Something More? When the seasons change, many people struggle with allergies. Could your itchy eyes actually be something more serious? At Texas Eye Surgeons, serving Greenville & Plano, our Read more
  • Early Signs of Glaucoma
    Glaucoma is a sight-stealing disease. Nearly 120,000 cases of blindness reported in the United States stemmed from glaucoma. While there is no cure for glaucoma treatment can be provided for Read more
  • How To Get Rid Of Sore, Red Eyelids
    How To Get Rid Of Sore, Red Eyelids There are a number of reasons why your eyelids may be red and sore. Inflamed eyelids, also known as blepharitis, affects between 37 Read more
  • Are You a Good Candidate for Lasik Surgery?
    Are You a Good Candidate for Lasik Surgery? If you are tired of relying on glasses or contact lenses to see correctly, you should consider Lasik surgery. The laser surgery is Read more
  • Signs Of Sight Loss
    3 Signs of Vision Loss And How You Can Avoid Losing Your Sight Plano Eye Surgeon Are you afraid you're losing your vision? Has your vision suddenly gotten worse lately? How do Read more
  • Our New Greenville Satellite Office Treats Cataract Patients
    If your vision has suddenly worsened, you should see our ophthalmologist. There are a variety of diseases of the eye that could be causing the deterioration of your eyesight. One Read more
  • Types of Myopia
    Types of Myopia and Treatment At Texas Eye Surgeons Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, is an eye disorder where the eye fails to refract light properly to a single focus on Read more
  • Implantable Contact Lens
    Benefits of Implantable Contact Lens Implantable contact lenses have been around for a while. For years, eye doctors used them to treat cataracts. Today, more and more people are using them Read more
  • Do I Need an Optometrist or Opthamologist?
    Optometrist or Opthamologist Both an optometrist and an ophthalmologist treat eye concerns, and there is even overlap in the service they provide. However, the law requires training and education for doctors Read more
  • Glaucoma
    Early Signs of Glaucoma With Our Plano, TX Ophthalmologist Glaucoma is one of the main reasons people lose their sight. There are two main types of glaucoma, Open-angle and Angle-closure glaucoma. Read more
  • Diabetic Retinopathy FAQs
    Our Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, TX Answer Diabetic Retinopathy FAQs At Texas Eye Surgeons in Plano, TX, we can help treat diabetes eye problems through a variety of options. Diabetic Read more