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In 2007, the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society (TFOS) published the Report of the TFOS Interna­tional Dry Eye Workshop, later known as TFOS DEWS. The original report expanded the scope of dry eye disease (DED), and since that time, the num­ber of publications on the topic has significantly increased.  In 2017, the highly anticipated TFOS DEWS II was released. The full report explores the published literature on dry eye disease since the original TFOS DEWS.

The most recent TFOS DEWS II defines dry eye disease: “Dry eye is a multi­factorial disease of the ocular surface characterized by a loss of homeostasis of the tear film, and accompanied by ocular symptoms, in which tear film instability and hyperosmolarity, ocular surface in­flammation and damage, and neurosen­sory abnormalities play etiological roles.”

Dry Eye

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Dry eye doctors are sometimes difficult to locate… Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Ali, is a leading expert in the latest developments in ocular surface disease. We understand patient frustrations in searching for a dry eye doctor & we understand the importance of preparing the ocular surface for surgery.

As with many challenging eye conditions, the three key steps to achieving successful outcomes involve identifying, diagnosing and treating all the elements that contribute to your condition. One of the simplest first steps is to complete our dry eye symptom questionnaire which will be emailed to Dr. Ali.  If you’re ready to schedule and appointment, save time by completing your pre-appointment paperwork prior to your appointment.  The information collected will better prepare our team to follow your care & help you achieve a successful outcome.

Dry eye experts around the world have spent over 30 years researching ocular surface disease. The advancements in knowledge, technology and expertise are well documented & Dr. Ali looks forward to sharing in your journey.

Call (972) 379-3937 to schedule an appointment at Texas Eye Surgeons. We offer a personalized approach to help you achieve relief and to restore your quality of life.

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