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Among the many common vision problems individuals may experience, as they get older, are eye floaters and flashes. These visual disturbances can interfere with normal activities and can be a sign of more serious issues. Texas Eye Surgeons can provide treatment of these vision problems, so you can enjoy clearer vision throughout your life.

What Are Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters are small spots in your field of vision. They often look like gray or black spots drifting around as you shift your eyes, but may also have the appearance of cobwebs or strings. These obstructions are caused by age-related changes in the fluid inside the eyes. As you get older this vitreous fluid becomes more liquid. Microscopic protein fibers in the fluid clump together, casting a shadow on the retina at the back of the eye. The spots will float around as you move your eyes, and if you directly look at them cause them to move quickly out of your field of vision. They can be very annoying when you are attempting to see clearly. However, they are generally not harmful.

What Are Eye Flashes?

Eye flashes are quick flashes of white or silvery light that may occur at the sides of your vision. They may appear as spots or pricks of light, but some people experience them as jagged or wavy lines. Flashes often occur with aging, when the vitreous liquid begins to change, causing it to pull or catch on the retina. Generally, flashes are benign, but they sometimes signal a more serious condition of retinal detachment. If you see more frequent flashers, along with more floating spots, see your Plano ophthalmologist for an examination.

Treatment of Eye Flashes and Floaters

Treatment of eye floaters is generally not needed unless they begin to impact normal vision. Then your Plano eye surgeon can provide accurate diagnosis and treatment to reduce floaters, which may include removal of the vitreous fluid. Flashes may be an indication of an underlying problem that requires treatment to improve the symptoms.

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